More About Me
I am passionate about assisting my fellow community members in their search for a new home or support them in the life changing decisions of selling a house. I take pride in becoming an ally in all your real estate needs. No matter how small, large, or condition of the home, let me be your Realtor for life. My clients deserve the very best in a Realtor and that is why I excel in my work and passion. I moved here to Humboldt County to go to school and I have never wanted to leave. I have a bachelor's degree in liberal studies, elementary education but decided I was not ready to teach in traditional school. Instead, I have decided to teach my community members about the home buying and selling process. I have many satisfied clients and I would love to add you to that growing list! For 13 years I was blessed to work in a local high volume brewery where I learned to excel in customer service, balance the mindfulness of multitasking, and I got the chance to meet people from around the state, country, and the world who have traveled to Humboldt County to visit our beautiful area. My proudest accomplishment is that I am a mother of two beautifully talented young girls. They are so blessed to be raised here in Humboldt County for they get to explore what they love; the ocean, our beaches, birds, cows, rivers, farms, and ladybugs. They have now become quite excited about homes with For Sale signs and will ask me if I have a client who is going to buy it. Little Realtors in training. We love nothing better than driving through our beautiful towns and look over and find a rainbow or two, count the egrets that feast in the bay and observe the osprey soaring in the sky. Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you!